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Oct. 5th, 2006 09:34 pm
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Just because I still have it open and am still playing around.
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I had forgotten that there's a point where zooming in fails to yield anything measurably different, a sort of intangible limit: "beyond this point, there is no more." You can zoom in infinitely, yes ... but beyond that point, you simply get lost. The possibilities *end*.

There are worse lessons, and worse places to find oneself.
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Back to very basics tonight. I toyed with Apophysis for awhile but got nothing I liked enough to keep playing with. So this is pure UltraFractal.
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I need to find a space other than DeviantArt. I am not all that comfy with their user agreement now, but haven't found anything better, either. So I guess I know what I'll be doing this next while. As for the piece -- expect changes to that too, heh. I like the fact that the "bones" show so clearly, but need to tweak the colouring.
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Not exactly the first new one in awhile, but almost. I'm happy with this one -- I was hoping for a feeling of faith, of following a path with minimal assurances, and of being borne up despite fear. I fought hard for the glimmers of sunlight and the impression of motion. And I think it stayed true to that. I don't think I could have done any better with this one, I honestly don't.
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Autumn Fires

This one, if you can believe it, started out in shades of blue. That lasted all of five minutes -- I can take a hint when I'm clobbered over the head with it.

It's a failure in that I was looking for something more well-defined, tighter at the edges. The tendency to drifts of colour frustrates me -- I'm used to UltraFractal's crisp shapes. But the result was too lovely to waste.
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I'm playing with flame fractals in Apophysis these last couple of days. Just a phase, no doubt... but I love the feel of flame fractals thus far, so who knows?

This is the best result I've gotten yet.

Clouds for Dani

There may not, unfortunately, be prints of these. I have yet to figure out how to bully Apophysis into rendering them at the size I need for that, and they lose something in the transfer if I try to render them from UltraFractal. And I still need work on gradients, as is made obvious by the blinding blue/white at the bottom. But it's a beginning.
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Green Glass

I have to admit, despite the simplicity of this, I like the interplay of colours between the layers.
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That last fractal is now available as a print here. And as soon as I can convince UltraFractal that it really does want to render them at the necessary size,  I'll make others available as well.  :)
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Why, you ask?

Because my new computer is working. Finally. And FUCK is it ever fast. Fractals render within seconds and not minutes or hours.

Yeah. I can see that fractal filter getting real use soon.

... well, why not now?

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