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I don't usually subject y'all to variations on a fractal, though I make many of them in the search for the right one. I'm making an exception because none of these feel wrong; they feel like a harmonious set, and I can envision them sharing space in a room without causing the subtle but nagging discomfort I get when a piece is almost right but not quite.

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Just Ultra Fractal -- partly because the sharper lines appeal just now, and partly because I feel a little guilty sometimes. It's the program I started with, and it can do so much more than just import from Apophysis, and yet that's most of what I use it for.
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Again, pure Ultra Fractal.
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... is actually not a flame.

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I like that it looks so very simple; only I know how many layers and hours went into it. Show your work in math, but hide it in art.
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Up the airy mountain, down the rushy glen, we daren't go a-hunting, for fear of little men...
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Because it's been far too long.
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Among the things I did this week that did not involve talking or reading about race: the fractal gallery over at tears-of-gold has been given an update and facelift. I'm pleased with the result, and the new style will be easier to keep updated -- every new set of ten fractals gets a new page and a link on the main page, and that is all.

The next site component that needs attention would be the e-cards, and I'm hoping to get to those this weekend. They do work, and do actually see a fair amount of use, but their style matches the old gallery instead of the new one, and I need to update the underlying software.

Then I need to tackle the main pages. That, I am not looking forward to. At least I will not be bored, or something.
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I'm playing with background colors a bit, and happy with what I achieved on this one.

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This one is for Paul, who loves sailboats.
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Quite literally, because it took hours to get the gradient and light source the way I wanted them.

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... Devourer of Worlds.

... Stop laughing. You'll hurt her feelings, and you don't want her to come over here, do you?

Also, completely different:

The Bremen Town Musicians. This title probably only makes sense if you had the same Collier's Junior Classics encyclopedia set I had as a child: the illustration for that story was very similar in feel to this. Cock atop cat atop dog atop old grey donkey, all set to frighten the wits out of those horrid old robbers.
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No, I don't know why I'm awake, either.
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Happy Holidays. Thank you all for a great year past (and not the first great year with you, but only the latest) and here's to another one ahead of us.

A quick reminder that I'm not writing directly to LJ any longer; those of you on my friendslist can go here for the new location. This was only the surest and quickest way to reach all of you. :)
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Not sure what it is that appeals to me about this one; when I figure it out, I'll play with it some more, try to narrow down the right location. In the meantime, it'll stand on its own.

"seahorse" version:

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