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I would not have thought of posting a how-to on underground abortion clinic procedures for women who do not have access to legal abortions any longer. But I believe the informarion should be there, and I'm glad that someone else did.

I haven't decided whether to mirror the information here or not, but I probably will. In the meantime, another source is here.

Whatever you think of abortion, I believe that you are fooling yourself if you believe that taking away legal access is going to mean women do not attempt them. It certainly did not work that way in the past. For those that do attempt them, who are desperate enough to take the risk, there should be safer options. If we are coming back to the days of women helping women without the oversight of a doctor, then I fully support putting as much information as is humanly possible in the hands of those women so that they can do it as safely as possible.

Some caveats:

* Molly doesn't emphasise enough how to recognise signs of something gone wrong, or aftercare, although the kuro5hin site does a marginally better job of both.
* There are those who will want to keep everyone else out of the loop and attempt to self-abort. My advice? DON'T USE THESE PROCEDURES FOR THAT.
* You can use regular hormonal birth control as a morning-after pill to avoid getting to this point. More information on types is here. And that would be the best option of all; the more quickly you react to a possible pregnancy, the better the chances of terminating successfully.
* A list of herbal abortifacients is available here. As she says herself, however, be prepared for them to not work, and to follow through with a surgical procedure if they don't.

mirroring the information after all. )

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