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* My soon-to-be in-laws conspired to present us with the slow cooker of my dreams for a wedding gift, when I thought we'd have to wait till we could come up with half the cost ourselves (it's spendy). But no! It shall be ours next week, and dinnertime will become much easier. http://www.morphyrichards.com.au/ProductDetail.aspx?Product=48787

* The arrangements for this wedding are almost done. In fact, the major things are settled, and now it's all just the small details.

* I *rocked* at putting this together, yes I did. We got everything that mattered (table linens, food, cake, ring, dinnerware, decorations) for a simple, gracious evening for less than $800, and more than half of that cost is the food and the cake. (We ARE feeding ten people mains, salads, and desserts, after all...) If I were doing this for someone else, I would feel I had earned my fee, staying within budget and spending lots of time chasing ideas and sourcing alternatives. If we didn't get *everything*, well, who does? We got 95% of it.

* Other people have been incredibly kind and accommodating throughout this process, willing to make exceptions and help in every way possible. Not just friends and family, either, but *strangers*, from the girl who agreed to ship the pickup-only dinnerware to the guy who agreed to send the curtains express post so we could be sure to get them in time.

* I am not an utter failure at this daily cooking thing. I had my doubts about being expected to provide at least one meal every day after years of throwing something together when I felt like it (and often enough, that meant "every other day") ... but I'm right back into weekly menus and regular grocery shopping and fixing dinner, and mostly not failing. (Mostly. This afternoon I did scorch my soup.) He *likes* my cooking, as mixed up between Caribbean, American, and God-knows-what as it is. (Yes, I make stir-fry with curry!) Enough to have favorite meals. Enough to remember something I cooked for him *four years ago*, and request it. It may sound like a small thing, but it means there is at least one point every day where we both sit down and are relaxed and happy *at the same time*.

* My other half is happy enough and comfortable enough that he's talking about *buying our first home.* And he's *serious* about that. I'm not sure we're ready, but evidently, he is. That's good to know.

* Our current home is a lovely home, and will be more so for the things we've had to bring in for the wedding; everything but the food is something we can continue to use.

* The potted cyclamen we picked up for the centerpiece has new buds on it today. I'd guess it's happy on the table in the cool, bright living room, and that should mean we'll have flowers all winter. We need to buy some food for it.

* One week from now, this wedding will be *in the past* and life can go back to being quiet. I like quiet.

* Between then and now, Diablo III will release, and I will have all the distraction anyone could ask for.

Date: 2012-05-13 06:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] browngirl.livejournal.com
(Yes, I make stir-fry with curry!)

So do I. *fistbump*

It is so good to see you happy.

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