Nov. 13th, 2006

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Not sure what it is that appeals to me about this one; when I figure it out, I'll play with it some more, try to narrow down the right location. In the meantime, it'll stand on its own.

"seahorse" version:

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This is utterly ridiculous.

Just so we're clear on this: it's okay to serve and be Wiccan. It's okay to die in Iraq and be Wiccan. But it is somehow NOT okay to be Wiccan when it comes to engraving a symbol on your monument?

... frankly, folks, if we sent you overseas, you fought for us, and you died doing it? I don't care if your widow asks for a Star of David, a swastika, or an engraved Satan complete with pitchfork, flames, and tortured souls on your memorial, as long as she's not demanding it be neon, larger than the others, or some different material -- that is, no more noticeable than any of the many others until you really look at the symbol -- let her have it. Memorials are for the survivors. If all we can give back to her that brings her any comfort is a symbol, what symbol it is makes no difference in the long run. Somebody smack the DVA around until they Get this, please.


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